Safety Precautions

I wanted to address some concerns that parents might have around safety and social distancing. Our philosophy at the camp hasn’t changed from before the virus until now.

The safety of our campers and staff has, and will always be, our MAIN priority. You are dropping your kids off to us for the day and trusting us that you will pick them up safe and healthy. We will not break that trust.

Our camp is completely non-contact and with no equipment. Our focus is really on development of each player at their position. We will mainly be focusing on skills and drills to improve technique, speed, etc. Alongside fun games and competitions. When we break down by position your son will be spending most of his time around a couple other campers and a coach or two. That will be 95% of the day. They won’t be sweating all over each other nor doing contact drills. Having said that, one of the main focuses of our camp is also building relationships with other campers and making new friendships. We do encourage our campers to be sociable during lunch and have fun meeting new people. For our staff, growing up we made tons of friends we still have to this day from summer camps so we wanted to provide kids an outlet to do that as well as share our love for the game of football with them. The ability to have fun and make new friends in a social setting is a skill we believe is more important to these kids’ lives than anything they will learn on a football field.

Please note we will be spread out across the entire MRC field. We may come together as a camp before lunch and before the end of the day and do a camp breakdown but other than that there will not be close contact with others.